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****Reverend Brenda Hunt

Reverend Hunt was first licensed as clergy  in Metropolitan Community Churches in August of 1976.  Upon completing further educational requirements was ordained in January of 1980.

She graduated from Samaritan Theological Seminary and went on to graduate studies at United Seminary.  Later she served as an adjunct supervisor in the Field Study Program for “middler-year” students at Dayton United Seminary.

She served MMC’s in Detroit MI, Baton Rouge LA, Forth Worth TX and Windsor Ontario Canada.

She served as District Coordinator of the Great Lakes district and on Clergy Credential and Care Committee as chair of subcommittee on Standards.

She is comfortable with inner faith as well as ecumenical settings, while known for her energetic and engaging manner of preaching.  She lives in Sun City with her life partner Teri Trombley.

Brenda first attended Perris First Congregational Church with her parents Bob and Norma Bartleson. And was a regular visitor when visiting with her parents.




Ordained partners in ministry


****Reverend Dean Chasteen




****Reverend Quinn Hawley




****Reverend Greg Simpson